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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

Tollef Fog Heen:
> The System Administration Team (DSA) are considering moving some of the
> static hosting that Debian currently provides from our infrastructure to
> one or more CDNs. We have received feedback indicating that a broader
> discussion is desired.
> Debian has, for over a decade, operated its own form of a content
> delivery network (multiple variants, actually) by leveraging our own
> infrastructure as master sources and community-provided infrastructure
> (primarily from universities and regional network providers) for local
> distribution.

Obviously, if DSA are thinking of replacing this infrastructure, it
means that it is problematic. Could we get a summary of the problems
with our current infrastructure?

The following is the only one I can identify in your email:

> This «proto-CDN» has required users to select the mirror 'closest' to
> them. Recent efforts (http.debian.net, cdn.debian.net) have attempted
> to alleviate the configuration challenge of pre-selecting a mirror
> node.

Are these recent efforts not solving the problem of choosing the best
mirror? If not, why?

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