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Re: debian patent policy?

Ben Finney writes ("Re: debian patent policy?"):
> Paul Elliott <pelliott@blackpatchpanel.com> writes:
> > This is very confusing. I have some ideas in my head that I am
> > thinking about patenting, but I only want to torture the proprietary
> > software people with it.
> Please reconsider; software idea patents hurt everyone in different
> measure <URL:http://en.swpat.org/wiki/Why_abolish_software_patents>, and
> are not a good thing to proliferate. They are not a tool fine enough
> to hurt only proprietary software.

I agree with what Ben writes.

But if you are determined to do this, you could for example make an
all-comers patent licence which applies only to software released
under GPLv3, or some such.  The result would be DFSG-free.


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