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Re: Result of the Code of Conduct BOF at Debconf [and 1 more messages]

To me, the main purpose of a CoC is to clearly set out for the benefit
of forum administrators like listmaster what the project as a whole
expects of participants, and to clearly empower the forum admins to
warn and/or discipline transgressors.

Or to put it another way: for people in general, the exact content is
not so important.  For most people it should be sufficient to know
that the project expects good standards of behaviour.

For those who transgress, it is sufficient for the document to say
(a) something which an administrator can point to to justify
intervention (b) a clear statement that administrators are empowered
to make these judgements.

I think the existing draft is far too long.  I'd like to propose
something much shorter:

Debian code of conduct

Debian expects everyone to help keep our community welcoming and fun:

* Be respectful.

* Assume good faith.

* Help to foster a diverse and friedly atmosphere.  See Debian's
  diversity statement.

* Let someone else have the last word rather than prolonging an
  unconstructive conversation.

* Disagreement is healthy, but it is no excuse for poor behaviour, or
  personal attacks.

We will not tolerate bad behaviour.  Complaints may be made to:
 listmaster@lists.debian.org for the mailing lists
 owner@bugs.debian.org for the bug system
 [something about irc]
 [something about planet]
These complaints should be made privately.


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