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Re: Code of Conduct 2nd draft

On 03-07-13 12:09, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> I've since come to the conclusion that this will take me more continuous
> Debian time than I have for the moment.
> I'm therefore planning to do this during debcamp, and think it would
> make sense to hold a BoF session (or similar) to come up with some proposal.
> Obviously that'll only be a draft proposal until it's been passed on to
> this mailinglist, but I think this will be a more productive way to
> continue this than to be waiting for godot here.

For those following along at home (or here at DebConf): this BoF session
is planned on tuesday at 17:30 local time (that's 15:30 UTC). You should
be able to watch it through the stream; and I'll make a point of
following IRC, too.

I wrote up some proposal; the idea would be to go over it during the BoF
and possibly make some changes (using gobby), at which point I'll post
it on this mailinglist for wider discussion.

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