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Re: Developers per country (2013)

On Fri, Aug 09, 2013 at 08:02:11PM +0300, Boris Pek wrote:
> First, let's see how the number of active developers and population are
> really related. The correlation coefficients are:
> 0.10 (2013), 0.09 (2012), 0.09 (2011), 0.08 (2010).
> Very low, unfortunately. But it was predictable...
And going lower too.

> The correlation coefficients between the number of active developers and GDP:
> 0.60 (2013), 0.60 (2012). Hey, it looks much better!
So... if we want more Debian developers, try to increase a countries GDP and don't
bother with its population; perhaps.  I wonder what causes this.

Thanks, I found it interesting in any case.

 - Craig

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