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DSA Team Meeting minutes from 20130809 1530Z on #debian-admin/OFTC

Agenda DSA meeting 2013-08-09

* Roll call

  tfheen, zumbi, weasel, sgran
Absent with regrets:
 - paravoid
Absent without regrets:
 luca, zobel

Things discussed:

* Completed projects:
  - debian.org mail move status (tfheen, sgran)
    MX moved, mail forwarding work complete.

* Ongoing projects:
  - debian.org mail move status (tfheen, sgran)
    Bulk of work done (as above).
    Follow up projects:
    - new LDAP field for mail forwarding with suffix.
    - move mail for more domains to front-end mxes.
  - openstack (sgran)
    Version investigation ongoing - template work to be done in a VM before
    putting on a blade.
  - disks for beethoven (weasel, zobel)
    we added new disks.  backplane still broken after several attempts
    to replace it.  vendor wants us to mail in the box.  I think we
    should do it, and I started to move backup elsewhere (backuphost.d.o
    at bytemark).  If alioth has nothing left on beethoven they care
    about I think we can zero the disks and organize shipping etc.
    - action item sgran - check that alioth doesn't need anything from
    - beethoven action item sgran: get backups of vasks working
  - disks for bytemark (tfheen)
    4T disks only get recognized as 2.2T disks.  Try to get 2T disks instead.
    one to test, then the rest.
  - ns4 move away from orff (weasel)
    no progress.
    need to investigate bind autosigning as way to ditch current pile of scripts
    and make upgrade less painful
  - CDN plan (tfheen)
    rsync still unsolved.  lots of ideas, known problems, but no concrete progress.
  - ARM OOB status (zumbi)
    serial console everywhere but ancina.  no remote power yet.
  - ARM Calxeda nodes plan/roadmap (zumbi) 
    debian boots.  no OOB (that's probably bad).  questionable connectivity.
    unclear how to proceed
  - shipping of cyclades console servers
    two arrived at zobel's.  both work.  two arrived at weasel's.  one broken
    one of zobel's is going to man-da
  - beethoven OOB (weasel):
    openvpn set up on one of the mips.
    console server arrived (see above). 
    cables getting delivered soon.
    PDU purchased and arrived.  appears to be DOA.
    need to get it replaced or verify it is not in fact broken.
  - debdelta (tfheen)
    In communication with admin.  Needs VM for debdelta generation, rest goes
    to the static network.
  - codesearch (tfheen)
    little progress.  Need to install service

* other business
  - saens disk
    canibalize old-senfl/rore for disks.  have them shipped to saens.
  - small items budget

* New projects without owner
 o SSOT (single source of truth) [possibly luca post ud]
   sgran to mail ideas around.  needs proper planning.  maybe tfheen too.
 o ravel move
   no takers yet
   - identify services on ravel
   - inform service owners
   - move services

= Other business =
 o RT triage/call for help (as always)
   trial of metric based system with beer-based penalties
 o stabile disk filling up
   weasel to look

= Next meeting =
  September 13, 2013

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