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Re: Survey of new contributors -- results

On 08/08/13 at 10:18 +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> On Wed, August 7, 2013 21:52, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > 22/37 were sponsored as part of a team
> > 10/37 had a friend or colleague sponsor them
> > 5/37 were sponsored as part of debian-mentors
> >
> > Other things mentioned (once):
> > - sponsored by the previous maintainer when adopting a package
> > - sponsored by an Ubuntu MOTU who is also a DD
> >
> > | It seems that your best luck, if your package does not fit in a team,
> > | is to find someone close to you (friend/colleague) that will make the
> > | upload... That's quite sad!
> I'm not following why these numbers would be "sad". People are apparently
> finding collegues or friends to sponsor them, which seems great, not sad.
> At work we sponsor non-DD's regularly and this is always a positive
> experience.
> I think it's acutally encouraging to read that most people do not need
> debian-mentors but found teams, friends or collegues to work with them.
> Such longer-standing relations are, in my opinion, better than the one-off
> sponsoring that happens on d-mentors.

Sure. What I find sad is that people who need to find sponsors through
debian-mentors (because there's no suitable team for their packages, or
because they don't have friends/colleagues involved in Debian) have such
difficulties finding sponsors. (I don't read that into those numbers,
which indeed can be read as positive, but into the complaints that
it's so hard to find sponsors).

Also note that the sponsoring on d-mentors is not necessarily one-off,
and that it's generally encouraged to build a sponsoree/sponsor


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