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Re: Surveying new package maintainers about their experience of contributing to Debian

Hi Joseph,

Quoting Joseph R. Justice (2013-07-19 02:09:59)
> Now, the survey as I've seen it (both the original draft and draft 2 following 
> Gregor Herrmann's comments) appears to be focused primarily if not exclusively
> on people doing packaging work.  And, as I've already noted, it might be too
> big a goal to try to address non-packaging work, at least at this moment and/or
> in this survey.  (And also you probably need to figure out what sorts of
> non-packaging contributions typically occur; different types of contribution
> might call for different surveys and/or at least different questions.)  It
> might spread the focus of the survey too thinly such that it is less helpful
> than it could potentially be.

While I fully agree that it would be nice to acknowledge more the
non-packaging work done for Debian, there is a simple reason as to why
this survey is mainly about the packaging work: the data used to get the
names of the survey targets is the history of package uploads to Debian.

The fact is, I don't think we have much to track non-packaging
contributions and contributors in the first place. Before considering
adressing them the same kind of survey, we would probably need a way to
identify them.


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