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Re: Answers to questions raised about registering the Debian Logo as our trademark


On 12/06/13 at 11:49 +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com>
> > I finally had a chance to discuss with our legal counsel, and have
> > some answers to the questions raised in the discussion.
> Thanks for this.  It covers all I remember.  One small question:

Yes, thanks a lot.

> > 3) Should we register in the US only or register internationally?
> > A: Being as US registration is mandatory to extend internationally
> > start with the US, and then later Debian can make a decision on
> > international registration.
> What's the source on that?  I thought I'd seen trademarks start in
> other places and then extend internationally.

As Gunnar pointed out, yes, we could start elsewhere and then extend to
other countries. However, given SFLC is going to help us through the
process, and SPI will involved too as the trademark holder, it just
sounds easier to start with a US registration.

We can discuss extension to other countries later, when we will have
made sufficient progress on the US registration.

> I still feel that this seems like a waste of project money (are many
> infringers in the US anyway?) and potentially a blank cheque ($3347
> plus maintenance and costs of enforcement necessary to prevent it
> becoming generic), but I'd prefer those who are based and trading
> significantly with the debian logo in the US to make the decision.

Not doing it would mean going against our legal counsel, and also being
the only major project deciding not to register its logo. Also,
affording this is not a problem, and is unlikely to be even in the more
distant future.

Dear trademark team[1], could you please work with SFLC and SPI to
register our logo as a US trademark?

[1] yes, this is still to be announced, but we have a real trademark
team now, as Joe Healy and Richard Hartmann volunteered to join Brian
Gupta, following the call for help in the last d-d-a "bits".



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