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system time has change while installing


I use  debian-live-7.0.0-amd64-gnome-desktop.
And it has error in Time Zones Settings.
System Time changes during installation.
It`s possible that date can changes too.

for example:
when i boot from livecd i change location settings from London to Russia (Asia), Krasnoyarsk
and my system time changes from 20:20 to 04:20

when i install version to hdd my system time changed from 00:50 to 08:50

i suppose that error present in other versions.
same problem i noticed in Scientific Linux.

i use ROSA Desktop Fresh and looks like it hasn`t error.
in my own apinion: date and time must be stay as it set in local pc, while time zones parameters sets in configs.

Maxim Markov
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