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rolling recruitment effort (was: Re: OPW; the result of the experiment)

On 02/06/13 09:26, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:

> * More coordinating efforts: in this round we have taken advantage that
> GSoC was running as well, but if we participate in Jan-Apr round, we
> can't rely on GSoC efforts to bring in applicants and mentors.
> * Projects and mentors for the next round
> So, what do you think? Should we continue with OPW? Are there more
> volunteers?

Having been involved in both GSoC and OPW recruitment, I can share a few
comments on this:

- I tried creating wishlist bugs against some of my own packages so that
the applicants could have easy coding tests (fixing the wishlist bugs)

- rather than waiting for the next GSoC or OPW, developers could create
such bugs on a regular basis, as ideas come in their mind

- it would be useful to be able to tag such bugs so that potential
applicants can find them at any time of the year and start involving
themselves in the community

- projects would then emerge more spontaneously based on the types of
bugs the student is attracted to

- given the focus is coding (many people have said that programs like
OPW and GSoC are not suitable for packaging tasks), it may be useful to
set up a separate welcoming team outside the normal front desk and
mentors process

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