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Re: Donations to Debian are too difficult


[ raised on -www, CC'ing debian-project ]

Thanks Vladislav for your email.

On Sun, May 05, 2013 at 04:32:00AM +0300, Vladislav Zorov wrote:
> I've been using Debian for many years and many different purposes, so,
> of course, I wanted to donate. I went to debian.org, expecting to find
> a large button on the homepage that allows me to make a one-click
> donation. I didn't find it, so I started reading the text and
> eventually found the "Donations" link under "About". When I clicked
> it, I got to a page that again didn't have a donate button, but
> instead described another organization, SPI. I started reading and
> found out SPI handles the donations for Debian. OK, so I went to an
> entirely different website. Now, they did have a donate button, but
> there was nothing one-click about it: you have to find the Debian
> project from a large list of other, unrelated projects, then you have
> to enter all your credit card details in yet another website,
> clickandpledge.com, which I don't recognize.

Indeed, see the link with a direct anchor to Debian project below.
However, the problem is that SPI / click&pledge applies mainly to US donators
(example ffis is best for european donators).

> At this point I gave up, went back to Google to search for "debian donation
> paypal", but found only one post about some supposedly Debian address that is
> registered with PayPal, but also found contradicting information that Debian
> doesn't accept PayPal and this could be a fraud.

The fact Debian doesn't have a PayPal account (if confirmed ? I have no idea)
could be added to http://www.debian.org/donations to avoid Debian users from
being abused.
> A relatively easy solution could be to move the clickandpledge.com
> button (from http://www.spi-inc.org/donations/ ) directly to
> debian.org's homepage with a short description to select the Debian
> project from the list. 

This could be https://co.clickandpledge.com/advanced/default.aspx?wid=34115#DonationName_4
However a stable anchor name may be safer, can SPI board member request that ?

> If it's possible to accept PayPal, an even better solution would be to just
> use PayPal's donate button, thus most users will only need one click and
> their PayPal password, avoiding the point where most users abort their
> payments (the credit card details entry form). I understand if there's an
> ideological reason to not accept PayPal, but neither Debian nor SPI said
> anything about it.

That's a good question for debian-project.
> Thank you for helping the greatest OS in the world!

Simon Paillard

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