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"I rid you of some of your bugs; please fix mine?" (Re: [all candidates] Removing or limiting DD rights?)

Ian Jackson wrote:
If you and your allies have enough time and knowledge to help with the
package, then yes, you can certainly help with this.

You could write to the maintainers:

   I notice you closed my bug without comment, so I went to take a look
   at the rest of the bugs for gnomovision.  You do indeed seem to
   have a bit of a bug overflow crisis.

   I asked Alice for help; we took a look at the list and you'll see we
   have followed up with triage or status changes to a few of the open
   bugs which had the most obvious next steps.

   Please let us know whether this was useful.  Would you like us to
   carry on with some of the less obvious bugs ?  For example:

    #739130 probably needs to be reassigned to splurge-piper
    #739312 looks like a mips toolchain bug, will RFH to the mips porters

I have to agree with Chris - that approach wouldn't help the maintainer, but harm him. That being said, if some overoptimistic contributors choose that way, or - hopefully - rather triage as standard practice, please don't (directly) write a mail to the maintainers that way. Once you triaged the easy cases, just write to the harder tickets. That way your contribution won't be lost... especially if the maintainer is set to hindrance mode.

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