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Re: trademark policy draft - redux

On Mon, Jan 07, 2013 at 09:39:20PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Thanks a lot, Stefano, for this change.  I think that it will strenghen our
> position when asking to relax license clauses restricting commercial use for
> some software we distribute or would like to distibute.

Thanks for your feedback, Charles.

> I have one final comment, not related to the above.  For understandable
> reasons, the proposed trademark policy is quite insisting on not
> misrepresenting Debian.  But how about parody and satire ?  Do we rely on fair
> use regulations in each countries to allow them despite our trademark policy ?

IIRC it is something we have discussed in the previous occurrence of
this thread. But in the avoidance of doubt: the policy, and trademarks
in general, do not care much about "misrepresenting" Debian as in parody
and satire. Rather, they care about avoiding customer confusion. So it
is perfectly fine to mock Debian; what is not fine is pretending you're
shipping Debian to users while you're shipping, say, Windows with
malware or a different distribution (in the latter case you can of
course redistribute by simply stating "based on Debian", as many custom
Debian modifications out there already do).

Hope this clarifies,
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