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Re: DEP 12: Per-package machine-readable metadata about Upstream

On Thu, 03 Jan 2013, Paul Wise wrote:
> >  The source package control files and some of their derivatives are currently
> >  used to document the URL of the home page of the work that is packaged
> >  ("upstream").  However, this approach is hard to extend to other information
> >  describing upstream, because the size of the control files has to be limited
> >  according to the limited power of some systems running Debian.
> This DEP-12 seems to exist because of this assumption. Is it true that
> everything from debian/control must end up in the Packages files?

No. Currently all fields ends up somewhere (either in the .dsc and thus in
Sources, or in the .deb and thus in Packages, or in .changes) but this
doesn't have to be that way.

Where fields ends up is controlled by Dpkg/Control/Fields.pm (in
libdpkg-perl), more precisely by the "allowed" key in the huge list of
hash in that file.

It should be possibleto have only CTRL_INFO_(PKG|SRC) in that value and
not have it copied anywhere.

> debian/upstream is to contain a Homepage, should we move the Homepage
> from debian/control to debian/upstream and thus out of Packages?

No, Homepage is an important information that can be used as identifier as
well. I'd like to keep it in .deb files and thus in Packages to be

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