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"Anonymous donation" to Debconf 13

I have heard some disturbing rumours regarding Debconf13, site choice
and funding.  It seems to be difficult to find clear facts and of
course I don't want to be spreading unverified rumours.

What I have found out from public sources, for example this message
is that apparently some "anonymous donors" proposed to give or loan
Debconf 13 CHF40K (~Eur33K).

I'm uncomfortable about the idea of such a sum of anonymous money
flowing towards Debconf.  One natural worry would be that it would
come with strings attached.

Can the Debconf global team, and/or the DC13 local team, please answer
the following questions ?

1. Is it true that there was a proposal that anyone should make an
   anonymous donation or loan to Debconf 13 ?

If so:

2. Exactly what was proposed, and when was it proposed ?

3. Were any conditions attached ?  If so what were the conditions ?

4. How far did the discussions progress (so far) ?
   Has the proposal now been abandoned and if so, when ?

5. Were the proposed donors individuals (if so how many?),
   a company, a government, or an NGO ?

6. Were the proposed donors in positions of authority or governance in
   relation to Debconf ?  Examples of people in positions of authority
   or governance in relation to Debconf include the DPL, the DPL
   helpers tasked with Debconf-related tasks, people involved with
   Debconf accounting on behalf of SPI or FFIS, and of course members
   of the Debconf global or local teams.

7. Who initiated the proposal ?  Was it
     (a) the prospective donor; or
     (b) a member of the DC global team; or
     (c) a member of the DC13 local team; or
     (d) some third party ?
   If (b) or (c), which individual member(s) of the team ?

8. Was the existence of this proposal made formally known to the full
   DC team (eg on the internal private mailing list) ?

I think these are the most critical questions the answers to which
might shed some light on the situation.  I'm hoping the answers will
be prompt, full, and frank - and of course, reassuring.


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