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Re: Position statements short of a GR - DPL statements

Le Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 03:34:08PM +0000, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> Charles Plessy writes ("Re: Position statements short of a GR - DPL statements"):
> > I think this goes in the right direction, but wouldn't it contradict
> > our constitution, which only gives to the Developers via a GR the
> > possibility to "Issue, supersede and withdraw nontechnical policy
> > documents and statements" that "may also include position statements
> > about issues of the day" ?
> The TC is also empowered to make such statements.
> Note that individual developers are also not formally empowered by the
> constitutionto make nontechnical position statements about issues of
> the day.  Does that mean that we should all stop posting to -devel and
> -project ? :-)


my understanding of the constitution is that only the Developers via a GR
can make statements such as: "Debian's position is...".

Of course, everybody can write "I think / guess / am totally sure / ... that
Debian's position is...", but this is not the same.  One can also write bluntly
"Debian's position is..." and be right or wrong, but this still is not the
same, as individual statements do not define Debian's position.

In particular, the constitution does not empower anybody to be the spokeperson
or representative of the Project, therefore it looks logical that only a GR
defines the opinion of the project.

This may be the consequence that the Constitution is mostly about decision
making.  A well-written addition about representativeness may simplify future
debates similar to one for the "welcome" GR.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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