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Re: mjg59's blog on planet.d.o

Hi Jakub,

Jakub Wilk wrote:
AFAIK Matthew Garrett hasn't been "active and directly involved participant in the Debian development community" for years. What is the reason for keeping his blog on planet.d.o?

Matthew Garrett resigned from Debian 6 years ago: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/66647.html I imagine removal is not automatic so unless someone was decided enough to remove it, the blog stays aggregated.

For my part, I guess Matthew Garrett is in my mental Planet killfile. However, that killfile features other people, and the main reason why Matthew must have gotten there is simply the low interesting/uninteresting ratio. This ratio is personal, and other readers surely find more of Matthew's content interesting than I do. I associate him with low level software, and my interest in that is quite low.

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