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CIA going down: KGB wants your commits!

Hi there!

Not to "to knock 'em when they're down", but since it seems that the CIA.vc
service has officially closed recently (cannot find exactly when did that
happen), I think it's worthwhile offering this little project we (dam@,
gregoa@, and me) have since a few years ago, called KGB (ha-ha).

It's a very simple and dumb client-server architecture: IRC bots running in
our personal servers listen for SOAP messages sent by kgb-clients called
from post-commit hooks in repos out there. The bot just relays and formats
a message, nothing fancier than that.

So, if you're looking for a simple IRC notification of your commits, this
might be of help.

You can either run your own bot (debian package kgb-bot), or use ours. As
for the client, alioth does not have it installed, but you can run it off
/home/groups/kgb. There's a sample configuration there too. In
/home/groups/pkg-perl/meta/pkg-perl-post-receive you can see how to use it
from a post-commit hook.

If you rather use our bots, we'll need you to provide: a project/repository
name, an IRC channel, and a password (used to avoid spam, not really

Martín Ferrari

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