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Iso image problem

Hi. I have downIoad debian 6.0.5 for i386 form debian website. I found a problem in md5 verification. I obtain next message from md5summ in dvd 2 verification:

".\pool\main\f\firebird2.5\firebird2.5-common_2.5.0.26054~ReleaseCandidate3.ds2-1+b1_i386.deb doesn´t exist"
".\pool\main\f\firebird2.5\firebird2.5-common-doc_2.5.0.26054~ReleaseCandidate3.ds2-1_all.deb doesn´t exist"

If you explore folder ..\pool\main\f\firebird2.5 you can see that this files has another name:


I need know if this difference can give me problems when I need install this packages..

Many thnks and best regards.

José Suarez

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