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Re: Bug#686481: debian-reference instructs users on how to install non-free software

On Tue, 04 Sep 2012, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> For example, if package build environment has pre-defined and agreed
> environment variable such as:
> DERIVATIVE=(undefined) # debian build
> DERIVATIVE=debian      # debian build
> DERIVATIVE=ubuntu      # ubuntu build
> DERIVATIVE=trisquel    # trisquel build
> Then I can accept patch to skip including some parts of document for
> trisquel build.  Even Debian policy document can emmbed such change as
> long as document title changed to "trisquel policy" at the same time.

Well, at that point you'd probably need to also change the name of at least
the binary package from debian-policy to $(DERIVATIVE)-policy, or it will
cause confusion to users down the road...

> Of course, I like to get patch for it :-) (Nah.... I can do it as long
> as technical scheme is worked out.)

I'd be worried about packages named debian-policy hitting the web with
something that is not the Debian policy inside.

Maybe it is better to tell them to fork and rename debian-policy to
$(DERIVATIVE)-policy?  IMHO, it doesn't make much sense for the derivatives
to go through Debian to update a package with their own policy, anyway.

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