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Re: Debian download possible or no?

Hi Diugra

On 2012-07-14 19:27, Diugra Sveyil wrote:
I attempted at least 10 times to figure how to download Debian... Is
there really someone who has been able to download the images to have
a start disk? When I go to the page where the image is supposed to be,
I have a long list of folders, not the smaller idea HOW to copy them
on a cd, nor if I need all the content of all the folders...
I have nothing against the idea to pay for something interesting, but
not before trying it. I have even downloaded the 150 page of debian
documentation on how to install, and nothing said how to get the files
NOR which files -or folders.
I have tried each of the -free- options offered. None of them is

Thanks for your interest in Debian. However, please note that this is not a support list, please try the debian-users mailing list instead.

To download Debian. you can open a web browser and visit http://www.debian.org. On the top right there's a little green banner that says "Download Debian 6.0". That will give you an iso image that you can use to install a Debian system.

Hope that helps,


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