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Re: [Debconf-team] Budget status - travel sponsorship)


as I've said several times already, the hardest part is finding people doing 
whatever the best procedure for this is. 

The problem with that is that DebConf is quite a lot of work for the team for 
2-3 months before the conf, then the conference itself and then cleaning it 
all up, which usually also takes weeks (*). For myself this probably equates 
to working 1.5 month full time on DebConf (just during that time). 

Then there is a time of "DebConf break", until we get into the bid-phase, 
which ends (in January/February) with the actual decission where the next 
DebConf will be in 1.5 years. So thats another 2 months of quite intense 
DebConf time.

And around that time (January/February) the "improved travel sponsorship team" 
would need to start working...

So adding another period with lots of work 6-7 month before the actual 
conference is certainly possible (because we can certainly distribute the load 
more, eg by more people doing the debconf team work), but you should not 
expect this to happen just because you propose a saner traveling sponsoring 

As the saying goes, talk is cheap. 

Are _you_ willing to make this happen? 

I'd love to *see* this happening but I also need some "rest" from DebConf work 
sometimes over the year, so...and I assume many others (already working on 
DebConf) are in similar situations... 


*) someone should do something and start the dc12 final report alreay ;)

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