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Re: working with FSF on Debian Free-ness assessment

Stefano Zacchiroli writes ("working with FSF on Debian Free-ness assessment"):

Well done!

> This triaging work is the work for which I'm looking for volunteers.

I would love to help.  Full disclosure: I'm a GNU maintainer and
longstanding supporter of GNU and the FSF, although I don't agree with
everything the FSF does (or everything Debian does for that matter).

> Ideally, for each valid issue a patch could/should also be produced and
> submitted to the corresponding responsible person in Debian. As it is
> naturally happens, maintainers will be free to exercise their judgement:
> accepting, rejecting, or reworking the proposed patches.

This seems like a good idea.

> What I'm proposing is basically a soft approach in verifying if all
> remaining issues that cause friction among Debian and the FSF can be
> solved in the most typical Debian way.  The approach might fail,
> e.g. due to disagreements on bug validity. But at that point we will
> have obtained a list of blockers, that could than be used as
> documentation for Debian users who wonder why Debian and FSF disagree on
> the Free-ness of Debian.


I think your perspective of wanting and using independent review of
how well we are meeting our core objectives is a very good one.


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