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Re: RFC - Changing current policy of debian.net entries


* Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org> [2012-06-22 23:01:56 CEST]:
> The current practice for debian.net entries is that they are directly
> entered in the debian.net zone as 3rd-level records. I am seeking
> comments on a proposal to alter this practice.

 In theory I agree that the policy change makes much sense.  Practically
though it will cause some trouble for a decision I took years ago
(2004):  In absence of a better solution at that time, for the xblast
project, we settled to use xblast.debian.net as the central server for
network games which is set within the code.

 The development of xblast has rather ceased, and the community is quite
reduced, existing only of occational players, it shouldn't have *that*
deep impact.  It though will require new releases to change it, also for
stable, and for people to notice that there is a new "version" out there
to download it (announcing the changed central server on the mailinglist
and website will of course be done).

 I don't ask for an exception here, but there will be plenty of work
ahead of the xblast project to fix this.  And I do not deny that it was
a bad design decision, but I can't change the past, only the future.

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