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Re: Introducing http.debian.net, Debian's mirrors redirector


On 06/21/12 23:32, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> After several iterations to solve problems related to Debian's mirrors 
> network, I am happy to announce a fully-functional solution that solves many 
> of the shortcomings of previous iterations: http://http.debian.net

I have two objections if I may:

a) I think that the "http.debian.net" name is too generic and IMHO an
abuse of the /intent/ of debian.net domains. Even though debian.net is
being run as a first-come first-serve service, we are members of the
same project and we shouldn't just pick catchy generic domains just
because we can. (I had similar objections over e.g. git.d.n, among many

b) You announced this to d-d-a and your blog/planet. However, I believe
that there are readers of those media -esp. planet- that are not that
much involved into Debian practices and may not know the distinction
between debian.org & debian.net. I think people announcing such services
publically should be careful and note that it's a personal service of
theirs, rather than the project's. I'm not suggesting that you mislead
people intentionally but rather that I would like you to be more
explicit in the future -- or the present, e.g. in http.d.n's homepage).


P.S. The above views are my own, not DSA's or anyone else's.

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