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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf travel sponsorship

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 09:55:17AM +0200, Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:

> I think we should write a detailed page on wiki (with requirement,
> what we things are the criteria to ask for sponsorship and so
> on...), and provide a email interface (ticket system or a private
> mailing list), so that people should read instruction and be more
> verbose on why they ask sponsorship.

This is true, and could be tried.  Phil Hands is a good one to talk to
about this.  Other people in the past have tried to work up similar
schemes.  However, the allocation procedure is a bit tangential to
this thread.

*I think we should keep this thread to money issues, and a later
thread can discuss how to evaluate people.*

( Otherwise, we'll get distracted, not have money early, so once we
get around to "we have money to allocate", it is so late, and we are
so rushed we just use the old system.  Yes, that's about the status
quo.  (Of course, if DC13 has oodles of money very early on, it's a
different situation, but then you really will have no problems.) )

- Richard

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