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Re: I would like to contribute

Hi Anders

In addition to the other reply you've had so far, here's my input.

On Monday 18 June 2012 16:50:48 Anders Aarvik wrote:
> I would like to contribute with translations, the website, and other little
> objectives. It would be a honor.

As for working on the website and/or making translations of its content, 
please see:


Drop by #debian-www on irc.debian.org if you have more questions, or use our 
public mailing list:


You're also welcome to contact me directly.

> I can't find any information on the website on this topic only for
> maintainers and developers, and i just wanna help with these.

Since you appear to be Danish, for package-related translations, see this 
public mailing list:


There's a very active translator who probably can help you get started, if 
you're interested in doing that kind of translations.

Regards, Kaare from the web team

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