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Re: Report from DSA Team Sprint in Oslo

]] Filipus Klutiero 

> It is concerning that we no longer receive enough hardware donations
> to meet our needs. I can only encourage these improvements to
> donations pages. Specifically, if we lack any significant hardware,
> let's add it to http://www.debian.org/misc/hardware_wanted.en.html

I don't think it's particularly concerning.  Relying on donated hardware
rather than buying hardware ourself ties our hands with regards to what
kind of hardware we end up with.  By buying hardware, we get the
hardware we want, at the time we want.

Additionally, we can solicit both smaller and larger donations than the
exact size of the machines we are looking for, since we can join and
split donations as we wish to better match what we need.

> I am curious about what share of our hardware needs come from the need
> to support specific architectures. Perhaps even how much money and
> time DSA spends on each architecture.

We so far only have numbers for our services, where the cost of an extra
architecture is fairly small.  As for time spent, we don't track that at

Tollef Fog Heen
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