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Re: revenue sharing agreement with DuckDuckGo

[Philip Hands]
> Should this not be a debconf question, along the lines of popcon, but as
> a machine wide:
>    Do you mind trading a little privacy to allow us to declare your use
>    of Debian to search engines, and thus possibly benefit from revenue
>    sharing arising from your searches?

Why even bring up the money?  The question of "should we expose that
you're running Debian" is so much bigger than DDG.

- Debian-specific 'User-Agent' string in some (most?) browsers

- Debian-specific default home page portal thingy for some browsers

- {n}.debian.pool.ntp.org default NTP server list (telling the DNS
  admins of pool.ntp.org)

- Default apache index.html (or is that Debian-specific these days - it
  used to be, at least)

- Debian-specific sshd banner

Granted, the last two are server side, not client side, but the point
is, there's all sorts of ways for the rest of the Internet to know
you're using Debian, not just nmap.
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