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Re: Report from DSA Team Sprint in Oslo

* Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> [2012-03-20 09:06:50 CET]:
> ]] Yves-Alexis Perez 
> > So that means something like a signed mail based “shell-knocking”? DD
> > would need to send a gpg-signed mail to (re)enable a shell on a chosen
> > machine before he can use it?
> That's one possible way, we might also make it available on the LDAP
> update web form.  The exact details have not been worked out.

 Actually I would hope for both ways.  Some people don't carry around
their GPG key (for good reasons) but change the ldap password
(regularly) to be able to update stuff when needed.  I guess both
approaches would be useful for this specific case.

 And thanks for working on that -- I remember hearing from various
people asking to disable their shell accounts over the years (especially
in the discussions after the break-in back then ...), so it's nice to
see this finally happening. :)

> > Shouldn't the various teams handling the group take care of managing
> > them? Do they currently fail at that?
> I think we can say that yes, they generally fail at asking for people to
> be removed from groups.  I'm still a member of webwml even though I
> don't think I've committed anything there since 2007 or so.  I'm also
> apparently a qa member, though I can't even remember asking to be put in
> the group. :-)

 Speaking of webwml, we probably will suspend people who don't respond
to our relicensing questionaire for a start.  ;)

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