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Re: OSI affiliation

Jose Luis Rivas <ghostbar@debian.org>
> On 02/21/2012 12:32 PM, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > We would need to start by identifying the licenses that we care enough
> > about to demand that they be purged.  I suspect that list may be of zero
> > size, mostly on the "care enough about" front.
> This is what I asked for before, but what MJ Ray gave me was just one
> license and Josselin didn't answered. And MJ didn't saw a reason for
> making a list.

I don't feel that's accurate.  The request was for "a list with the
OSI-approved licenses that [Josselin] call non-free?" and I gave you
about 30 licences that OSI had approved unilaterally.

When pushed by Phil Hands for which ones of those were in debian
non-free, I mentioned the only one that I know about.  Feel free to
search the archive to see if the others are in there somewhere.  (I
did the task a few years ago... now you can have a try. Might be
easier with DEP-5.)

But I still feel this is missing the point: the certification scheme
is broken in at least three ways and misapprovals is maybe the least
serious.  The others are the advocate-led process and the use of a
monopoly right.

I'm not Josselin but I'd call anything on the OSI list that the FSF
has explicitly rejected non-free.  As of OSI's 2009 list, that was:
NASA Open Source Agreement
Reciprocal Public License
Sybase Open Watcom Public License

> There's a lot of "there must be a purge of licenses" arguments, but
> which ones?

Absolutely: Apple Public Source Licence;

Should: NASAOSA, RPL, SOWPL above;

Better: anything on the OSI list which is not on FSF lists - maybe
move these to a discouraged list;

Ideal: anything on the OSI list which is not in debian main -
maybe move these to a discouraged-and-unpopular list.

But as others note, I think that OSI's no-longer-accurate name, their
limited goals and broken processes are also really grave problems
which should be addressed before the debian project joins and so gives
its stamp of approval.

For now, it would be better to see just some group of interested
debian developers that would like to advise OSI.  Maybe that could be
as delegates from debian to OSI, if the DPL is willing?

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