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DEP-5: General status and upcoming Policy release

Hello everyone,

As previously announced on debian-policy and a few other lists, I am going
to upload Debian Policy 3.9.3 tomorrow.  As previously announced, this
will be the first release with a version of the machine-readable
debian/copyright specification that can be considered official.  It will
be published on www.debian.org as version 1.0.

I realize that there is some remaining uncomfortableness with the current
draft and some remaining debate over the status of the DEP process for it.
However, convergence towards a common consensus on that does not seem to
improving, and this standard is already in widespread use referencing a
huge variety of versions of the document.

Under the authority of my Debian Policy editor delegation, I'm making a
somewhat unilateral decision to publish a 1.0 version as part of the
Policy package.  I'm concerned that otherwise the best will become the
enemy of the good.  I hope that decision will meet with the approval of as
many people involved as possible; if not, I accept full responsibility for
any toes that I'm stomping on.

I'm reviewing the whole document for consistency and wording, and as
subsequent messages in the thread started by this message, I will post
diffs of any changes that result.  I do not intend to make any normative
changes other than the ones already previously discussed here and for
which I believe there was consensus.  I'm making some wording changes the
way that I would for another Policy document.  Review of all the changes
is, of course, welcome.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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