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Re: OSI affiliation

On 21/02/12 10:08, MJ Ray wrote:
Words are cheap.  When will OSI revoke some of the bloopers?

Philip also made the same point. You'd need to ask them. I can speculate wildly:

- They currently have no process for revocation of status;

- Most of the bad ones are hardly used at all, making it a moot point

- It sets a bad precedent; organizations which have policies about
  using only OSI-approved software may have to incur significant cost
  and inconvenience;

- It would be difficult to get wide enough agreement on exactly which
  licenses were "bad enough" to be revoked.

But as I said, you should ask them. If Debian wants to make such revocations a condition of affiliation, it would help, when saying so, to list the licenses you'd like to see the status of revoked, with clear arguments as to why they don't meet the OSI definition.


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