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Re: OSI affiliation

On 02/17/2012 08:39 AM, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> This looks very good on paper, but as others have mentioned, the OSI has
> taken various decisions that were in complete contradiction with the
> Debian project, especially on accepting non-free licenses as “open
> source”. While it would be nice to see their decision process evolve to
> become saner on this matter, I’m very worried to see Debian’s name used
> to condone licenses we would not accept.
> Therefore, having an advisor from the Project at OSI would be nice, but
> in no situation should Debian’s name be affiliated with OSI until we
> have seen over several years that their behavior has effectively
> changed, and that “open source” certifications for non-free licenses
> have been revoked.

Hi Josselin,

Just to give context to your email, could you provide a list with the
OSI-approved licenses that you call non-free? (Maybe a link) That way
every one else knows which licenses are you talking about exactly.

Jose Luis Rivas - GPG: 0x7C4DF50D / 0xCACAB118
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Barquisimeto, Venezuela

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