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Re: OSI affiliation

Stefano Zacchiroli dijo [Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 06:40:08PM +0100]:
> Dear project members,
>   as you might have heard post-FOSDEM, the Open Source Initiative (OSI)
> is opening up to an affiliate membership structure [1,2].  As I've
> already mentioned in [3], representatives of OSI have approached me to
> know if Debian is interested into joining. I'd like to discuss with you
> such a possibility.
> (...)

I think it's a great idea and opportunity. I agree with the rest of
what you mention here - And although many of us don't identify with
OSI's name or (part of) its historical behaviour, I think the
coincidences are greater than the differences. OSI's name is widely
recognized, and it is a very worthy organization with which we can
surely push important points.

As for what you mention on the DFSG and the OSD: There are many
attempts at defining free software/open source. Each group has a
slightly (or very?) different mindset. And although I'd love to be
able to re-align our various definitions, I think it's not worth the
energy it will require: We are similar enough for the world-facing
activities, and know how to deal with each other on the inside-facing
ones. We have had important disagreements so far in the project
history (eg. the FSF: GFDL freeness / Debian's non-free taints us
all). Neither them nor us is completely right - And we work together
in the bigger order, although we bitch loudly towards the inside.

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