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Re: About FTP Masters requirements for Debian copyright files.

Charles Plessy wrote:

> Some licenses include a template for “notices” (GPL), “exhibits” (MPL), etc.,
> also called “headers” or “boilerplates”.
>                         More in details, one of the questions was to know if
> the reason for reproducing them is to include the disclaimer of warranty.

Just to clarify, I never asked such a thing.  Instead, I wrote that
I find it likely that one reason the message <87u09lawkj.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>
that Charles quoted mentioned these notices is that the notices
tend to have some useful properties:

 - They mention that the program can be distributed under the terms
   mentioned, unlike a statement like "You can find the GPL here" that
   does not say so.
 - They briefly go over what rights that gives you.
 - They precisely describe which version of the license is meant.
 - They disclaim warranty.

Nevertheless, I don't believe policy requires repeating these blurbs
verbatim.  If you can succeed in including a verbatim copy of the
copyright information and of the license and documenting that without
confusing people, then you're done --- there is nothing magical about
particular sets of words like "This program is free software".

Have I missed something?  And while I'm at it, is there a reason to
chase after official ftpmaster pronouncements here, or is there some
other way the project documents details like this one?

Hoping that clarifies a little.

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