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Re: Question about GNOME Trademark and GNOME project packages in Debian

Steve Langasek dixit:

>DFSG #8 is not an issue.  DFSG #4 allows authors to require changed versions
>of their software to be distributed under a different name.  If the upstream
>makes special allowances for Debian to use the name for modified versions,
>this doesn't fail the DFSG, because everyone still has the required rights
>when using the package.

I don’t think that is true. The DFSG are sort of a promise to the users
of Debian that they can assume certain freedoms are met when dealing
with the main archive. So, if upstream allows Debian to use the original
name for modified works, but that permission is not transitive to Debian
users (redistributors, etc) it fails DFSG #8 because, sure, the users or
redistributors _could_ rename it, but that’s not what the promise is
about. In this case, it could only be met if the packages in main were
already renamed (and Debian would not make use of the special permit).

Food for thought: NMUs… Derivatives… or even simply CD distributors,
such as the people running the Debian booths at events.

//mirabilos (who’d prefer to just shut up and hack, but in this world…)

PS: Please do Cc me in replies that I should read, as I’m not on this
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