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Re: Logo violation

just for the information:  it is ok to use debian openlogo for any
purpose -- it is under open license
it is just that copyright needs to be mentioned somewhere I guess.

as for trademark infringement , the Debian openlogo itself is not
trademarked IIRC so once again could be used for any commercial product
as long as the word Debian (trademarked) doesn't appear.

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Alain Belkadi wrote:

> Maybe not the right place to send this info but someone is using the
> Debian Logo on a film festival website.

> There is no relation at all with Debian on this website, no reference to
> the logo source etc.

> Here's the link :

> http://www.ellestournent-damesdraaien.org/

> Maybe a good idea if an official Debian team member contact them about that.

> Regards,
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