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Lintian autorejects


this weekend I added two more lintian rejects:

This is fatal, not overridable. A udeb shouldn't use anything else than
gzip currently.

This one can be overriden if need be, but as a wrong permission of a
sudoers file can easily break sudo one should really know wth one is

bye, Joerg
<Maulkin> ie: are we getting a nice connection? :)
* gwolf silently reads Maulkin's question
<stone-head> netinstall over 56kbps modem
<stockholm> Maulkin: yes, they hope to have drums installed at the hotel
            by then so they can communicate with them at 20bit/s
<gwolf> stockholm: Make them _fast_ drums!
<stockholm> ok, 40bit/s
<gwolf> I still have to meet a drummer who can slap at 40hz

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