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Regarding Debian


I am in the process of evaluating various flavors of Linux. It would be really great in taking my decision if anyone could please provide me the following details like if Debian supports the following features:-

Multi-core Specifics  
1) SMP   
2) Hypervisor         
3) AMP 

1) Bare minimum OS configuration         
2) Normal flavour/Kernel Styles 

1) Timer resolution   
2) Latencies (Scheduling + OS)  
3) IPC's         


1) Type of scheduling supported 

Field Maintainability
1) Application Patchers         
2) Core dumps/Crash dumps 
Development Support     
1) IDE   
2) Profiling   
3) Application Debugging   
4) On Field application diagnostics
5) OS-aware debugging   
6) Resource utilization analysis   
7) Code coverage analysis   
8) Image bundling utilities   
9) Zip/Unzip utilities 

Power Management     
Supported File Systems       

Also, support for IP offloading, SRIO, PCIe, USB, Link Aggregation, SNMPv2, SCTP, IPSec, IKEv2.

Thanks in advance,

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