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On 07/24/2011 10:11 PM, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
Hi Alex,

    P.S. I'm from Georgia, Tbilisi and sorry for my VERY BAD english :D

Possibly due to my origin (Ukraine) your English is quite Ok for my
"ear" ;)

Works for me, too.

Great that you liked/appreciated Debian -- due to your expertise in
webdesign, I would strongly recommend you to join
and see/ask where/how you could contribute.

I personally keep thinking that a bit of "web design" is good
about everywhere, not only for our web pages. There are many
applications out there that do their job but just don't look
overly great.

With some graphical eye and further skills, I suggest to team up
with various upstream developers.


On Sun, 24 Jul 2011, Alex Mearakishvili wrote:

    Hello :)

    I'm new linux debian user and I liked it very much. all my machines
    running linux. I watched movies "REVOLUTION OS" and "THE CODE", gonna
    I want to tell you that I understand your philosophy and liked your
    I joined the global "mind" of free/open source software and want to
    make something for linux.
    I'm web designer (not professional, but not beginner) and will be glad
    to create nice design for your DEBIAN web page for free. you can use it
    if you will like it :) tell me your thought about it please.

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