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Re: Question about GNOME Trademark and GNOME project packages in Debian

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> We feel that it is infeasible for Debian to be in complete compliance
> with the current GNOME trademark license. [...]

OK, sorry if this is an old chestnut, but do we actually need a
licence in general?  Is most of the use in Debian more than honest
description of the source of the software?

> The case of the image which was created combining the GNOME foot and the
> Debian swirl seem unquestionably in violation of their trademark, [...]

Yes, that seems like something that will have to stop if the GNOME
foot is not free software because of some restrictive TM licence. :-(

> [...] We understand they are doing so to defend Free Software related
> marks, but that doesn't solve the underlying problem. It may also be the
> case that from Debian's point of view, the developer body as a whole
> needs to take a formal stand by means of a GR on the general issue of
> how to resolve the tension among DFSG principles and trademark
> licenses. [...]

Is there a tension?  Isn't it obvious that many Free Software related
marks are not themselves free software?

It disappoints me when free software projects use proprietary frosting
to restrict user freedom, but it seems like an old chestnut rather
than a new problem requiring a new GR.

Thanks for any explanations,
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