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Re: relationships with GNU as an upstream - call for feedback

Stefano Zacchiroli writes ("relationships with GNU as an upstream - call for feedback"):
> In short: if you are maintaining a GNU package [4] in Debian, I'd like
> to hear from you. Please mail me comments about your relationship with
> GNU as an upstream, whether it is good or bad, and whether you have
> specific desiderata that are general enough to be mentioned to GNU as a
> project rather than to individual GNU maintainers.

I think overall the biggest problem we face as a downstream of GNU is
the use of the GFDL with invariant sections and/or cover texts.  It's
not clear whether ordinary footsoldier hackers can do much about this,
which is mostly due to a policy emanating from the GNU project
management - but they can at least complain, and only comply when

(also a GNU maintainer)

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