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Re: gnome2

Hi Michael

On 12/06/11 12:04 AM, Michael Fogg wrote:
> will debian in future releases use gnome 2.32 becuse gnome 3s fallback mode just is not gnome 2.32.
> i know it takes a lot to maintain gnome 2 but will you please keep it in the system.
> even if you dont maintain gnome 2 at lest keep it in the system.
> i really dont care if gnome 2 gets maintained just as long as i have it the debain.
> maybye what you can do is make two gnome distros one for gnome 3 and gnome 2 that looks good to 
> me and hopefully to you.

Unfortunately Gnome 2 is unmaintained and completely discontinued
upstream, and for the Debian Gnome maintainers to maintain the packages
and the code base it self would be a huge undertaking.

Otherwise it's probably best to just stick with Squeeze and install
backports. By the time the next stable Debian release hits the Gnome 3
fallback mode should be a lot better.


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