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Re: Linuxtag Germany (Berlin) 2011 -- recap

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 10:45:38PM +0200, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
> All in all, that were great four days. I don't know about official
> numbers about visitors or anything. But I do know that we all had fun,
> that we've met new, interesting people as well as "the old guys" from
> the last few years. I'd like to thank Annette for making the effort and
> organizing everything, Alex for shipping the merch stuff to us, and --
> of course -- all our helpers at the booth, be that DDs or total newbies.
> I can't list them all -- sorry -- but rest assured, we've had an
> interesting, refreshing, and big team of about 10 to 15 people everyday
> who offered their help. Everyone (as far as I know) was free to see
> whatever talk they liked (except for Zack's talk that everyone wanted to
> hear), and we still kept the booth running. Thanks to all of you who
> registered on the wiki page [3] so we were able to plan; thanks to all
> who just jumped in whenever it seemed neccessary. And special thanks to
> those who worked just as hard and literally just started getting to know
> Debian better!

... and, while we are at it, thanks for this report Jan.  I always found
amazing to read about community feedback at events where Debian is
present "in person".  I sometime do a lousy job at reporting about the
events I attend on behalf of Debian (shame on me!), but reading reports
like this one reminds me how useful they are.  Please keep them coming
and encourage other Debian representatives at events to do the same.

For what concerns my own LinuxTag recap, I've unfortunately being able
to attend only one day (Thursday) due to family and work business.
Nonetheless I've been amazed by the warm welcome of LinuxTag-ers for
Debian, something I've also experienced in past LinuxTag editions. Even
though my talk has been scheduled in a not entirely appropriate track,
i.e. the "business application track" [1], and on a non week-end day,
the room was quite packed and people seem to have appreciated yet
another edition of the song & dance in spreading the verb about Debian's
grand role in the ecosystem of Free software.  Various people told me
they were looking forward to attend the other two Debian-related talk by
Alexander and Moritz (see [2] for pointers to the various Debian-related
events at LinuxTag 2011).

To conclude and disclose, I hereby thank LinuxTag organization for
sponsoring my travel attendance to the conference.


[1] which had me juggling a bit with my slides and speech on the
    relationships among Debian and businesses
[2] <20110511103627.GB12839@melusine.alphascorpii.net>
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