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Re: Linuxtag Germany (Berlin) 2011 -- recap


On 05/21/2011 10:45 PM, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
We all encouraged users to use 'reportbug', share their experiences with
Debian, help improve it in whatever way they can think of. Almost all of
them figured they could do something, even if it's "simple" stuff. "We
can't fix bugs that we don't know about" was possibly the most repeated
sentence during the four days of the event. And it seemed to make sense
to them. :)

this is amazing, indeed. And I experience fairly frequently, too. From my
observation the issue is less the picture than the immediate appreciation
that there are folks caring for their user experience so much that the
decision towards Ubuntu feels safer.

We can react to this in multiple ways:

 * get more artists attracted to Debian and encourage them to contribute
   in some way that we may not even foresee, yet.... it's art after all.
   How to render Debian more attractive to artists I don't really know.
   What comes to mind:
    o a Debian blend for art?
    o better visibility of authorships for contributed art throughout the
      system, to help the artists' promotion?
    o competitions, prices?

 * strengthen the concept of Blends more for various communities. This
   may help to ensure more complete workflows for various user groups
   and increases the likelihood that because of particular ties between
   users and developers the one or other piece of glue code may find
   its way into the archive, which may not fit to any particular package
   but ist just helpful in some way,

 * do nothing

 * ..?

All those changes would need to come from those who use those packages.
No idea how this could be triggered. And it may not be clear if an active
effort to recruit contributers for from the core of the project is truly
in our interest in the first place.


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