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Re: Using corporate accounts when posting to Debian mailing lists

Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>
> I've noticed that compared to, say, ten years ago, relatively few
> mailing list posters use corporate accounts (or accounts readily
> attributable to some larger organization).  This phenomenon is not
> restricted to Debian mailing lists.  If the sender's mailbox looks
> corporate (or the topic of the message involves stuff you usually do
> not run at home), most of the time, no mail signature with extended
> contact information (web, phone, fax) is used.
> I wonder if this is the result of corporate pressure, or if this is
> somehow encouraged by the de-facto list policy.

At least as I understand it (IANAL), English business emails should
contain a signature with extended contact information (thanks to the
Business Names Act, Companies Act, Distance Selling Regs and some
other stuff that covers the gaps).

I am using a personal mailbox at our internet services consumer co-op.
I am not using my business email address because most of the time
those footer details would be noise and some list policies do frown on
business addresses (crazy but true).

Also, I don't have a generally compelling reason to pay for a dog (my
personal ISP mailbox) and bark myself (by using my worker co-op
mailbox for lists).

I don't use my debian.org because I don't change config for each list
and probably sometimes I cross the "for private financial gain or for
commercial purposes" line in http://www.debian.org/devel/dmup (I'm not
a rich guy and need to earn a living, you know?) although I don't send
much about my business to debian lists.

So, in summary: not corporate pressure and not debian's list policies
but a reflection of local laws, and policies of other lists.

That went on a bit too long.  Why do you ask?

Hope that helps,
MJ Ray (slef), member of www.software.coop, a for-more-than-profit co-op.
Webmaster, Debian Developer, Past Koha RM, statistician, former lecturer.
In My Opinion Only: see http://mjr.towers.org.uk/email.html
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