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Call to participate in FrOSCon 2011

JFYI: FrOSCon is looking for Debian-related talks and speakers. If you
plan to be around Bonn, Germany by August 20th, your contributions are
more than welcome and it might be a good chance to present your pet
Debian project to an enthusiast public and spread the Debian verb.

Thanks for the invitation, David!


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FrOSCon [1] is a volunteer-driven, community-oriented event taking
place for the sixth time on August, 20th/21st 2011 at the University of
Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg near Bonn, Germany.

The first five editions of FrOSCon were a huge success. We started in
2006 with roughly 700 attendees. Last year we were able to welcome
around 1500 participants from all over Germany, Europe and even some
from North America. And we got lots of overwhelmingly positive

Debian has always participated in one way or another. I am not
up-to-date on this, but I am sure, that at least a booth is planned
again for this year. Anyhow, I would like to see more participation
from Debian in the form of talks.

Also, this year we are especially looking for talks about how open
source projects deal with the problem of finding new contributors. From
what I can tell, Debian has struggled with this for quite some time
now, but there is also progress.

If you would like to elaborate on this, or talk about some other Debian
related or FOSS topic, please participate in our Call for Papers [2].

Kind regards


[1] FrOSCon website: http://www.froscon.org
[2] Call for Papers:
    Submission interface: 

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