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Re: Debian distributors: Turkey

Dne, 25. 04. 2011 11:59:51 je Aynur Yanturin napisal(a):

I am writing to request an update of the Debian distributors list for
Turkey. Two sellers are listed: Linux34.com and Penguenci.com.
Penguenci.com has changed into a blog, and does not offer sales and delivery.
 As far as Linux34.com are concerned, I paid about 50$ for a set of
CDs last week, called them a few times, and all I got was "We will let
you know when we send them". I have reasons to believe that the owner
of the domain is simply stealing money without providing the services
as stated (advance payment through mail-order, no Service Agreement,
no guarantees, and my order # was 37, i.e. they don't sell much,
because they never deliver).
 I humbly request that you issue a warning to Linux34.com and update
the information according to the results.

Best regards,
Aynur Yanturin, Mr.

Gosh, who ever told you to pay in advance for anything, *ever*? I sincerely hope it gets all sorted out for the better eventually, but IMHO shelling out cash in advance was a huge mistake to start with.


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